DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch

Item#: DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch

Product detail: The xStack DGS-3610 series of the D-link’s next generation Layer 3 Gigabit switches delivers perform

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DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch Overview

The xStack DGS-3610 series of the D-link’s next generation Layer 3 Gigabit switches delivers performance, flexibility and enhanced security for the MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). Two models are available for selection, the DGS-3610-26 and DGS-3610-26G. Each switch provides 24 Gigabit ports and two optional 10-Gigabit ports in a low-profile rack-mount case. The DGS-3610-26 is equipped with 12 10/100/1000BASE-T and 12 combo 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP ports, and the DGS-3610-26G supports 12 SFP and 12 combo 10/100/1000BASE-T/SFP ports.

The 10/100/1000BASE-T ports provide inexpensive copper Gigabit connection to the local nodes. While the SFP slots and our wide-range of SFP transceivers offer flexible long/medium/short fiber connections suitable for FTTX and MAN applications. Two open slots on the back of each switch allow users to install two optional single-port 10-Gigabit XFP modules for copper or fiber connections. These 10-Gigabit connections can be used for switch unit stacking, or attachment to a 10-Gigabit backbone or servers.


DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch Specifications

DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch data sheet
Dimensions (W x D x H) • DGS-3610-26: 440mm x 435mm x 44mm • DEM-412X : 74mm x 168mm x 37mm • DEM-412CX : 74mm x 168mm x 37mm
Weight • DGS-3610-26: 8.5KG • DEM-412X : 0.2KG • DEM-412CX : 0.2KG
Console Port • A RJ45 console port for out-of-band configuration of the software features. • Provide one connector in rear panel to install optional external RPS to enhance the reliability. When internal power is failed, the optional external RPS will take over all the power immediately and automatically.
External RPS Support • RPS Support • - DPS-510
Switching Capacity DGS-3610-26: 88Gbps
Max. Forwarding Rate DGS-3610-26: 65.48Mpps
Forwarding Mode Store and Forward
Packet Buffer memory DGS-3610-26: 2MB
SDRAM for CPU DGS-3610-26: 128MB
Flash Memory DGS-3610-26: Prom Code 2MB, Runtime Code 32MB
Power Consumption DGS-3610-26: 70Watts
Heat dissipation DGS-3610-26: 238.85BTU/hr

DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch Documents :


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DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch Warranty & Conditions


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DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch Notes

DGS-3610-26 Multi-Layer Routing Switch Configuration

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