Project Outsourcing

Entrepreneurs and small business people are always looking for creative ways to accomplish more of their business goals for less money. One strategy that can help you save time, money and frustration as you start and build your business is to outsource as much work as possible to skilled, but cost-effective, external service providers.

One of our specialties is to accept outsourced projects from reliable clients.  We encourage our clients to clearly define the scope and schedule for their project so that it will be done in the best possible way the clients wants it. We believe any successful outsourced project always starts with a clear statement of what the principal company is hoping to accomplish. We always try to be clear and realistic about the project schedules, since they can have a huge impact on project costs.

We are equipped for the following professional Services.

  • Network design, engineering, migration and implementation services can help resolve issues affecting network performance and health, prepare for changes, manage communication costs and leverage our proven professional project management techniques
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and management of customer networks
  • Field tech services with responsive, ongoing network support and maintenance
  • Network assessment and audit, architecture design and engineering, implementation, and monitoring and management

Client Benefits

  • First-hand networking expertise that can meet your needs across a breadth of services.
  • Customizable solutions based on your unique needs, including a comprehensive system integration model that enables complete project outsourcing or simple outsourcing of a particular project phase.
  • Technicians who are available to serve our nationwide network to extend your reach and coverage.
  • Shared resources from engineering lab services to our expert network specialists help you maximize the value of your network services while taking advantage of cost-savings