HR Services

We are exclusively serving the IT industry, through HR placement solutions, HR training, productivity assessment, performance management for network professionals, accelerating program for professionals for an excellent improvement in their area of expertise.

Our services includes, HR placement services, contracting services, Training services for specific client requirements, productivity assessment and enhancement services, customized training for newly hired professionals   and much more. This blended solution enables us to meet our clients’ short and long term staffing requirements. We possess the resources necessary to serve companies ranging in size from startups to those in the “Fortune 500”. Having offices in India and USA we are well equipped to handle all your staffing needs in the Networking technology field.

TIMENET LEARNING maintains an intense focus on creating a wide-range of employment opportunities and the best available career position for its candidates in the IT industry.  TIMENET LEARNING vision is to create a trusted brand name in field of HR Development. Our state-of-the-art database system allows our placement experts to conduct comprehensive candidate searches on behalf of our clients and deliver our top candidates to you; it also reduces our response time and increases the efficiency of the search process.

At TIMENET LEARNING, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to both the employers we serve and the professionals we place.