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CCNP Wireless

CCNP Wireless certification addresses the need for designing, implementing, and operating Cisco Wireless networks and mobility infrastructures.

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Course Overview

CCNP Wireless certification addresses the need for designing, implementing,and operating Cisco Wireless networks and mobility infrastructures. CCNP Wireless certification emphasizes wireless networking principles and theory. It also recognizes the expertise and technical acumen of wireless professionals who can assess and translate network business requirements into technical specifications that in turn, are incorporated into successful installations.


CCNP Wireless Prerequisites :

Valid CCNA Wireless Certification or any CCIE Certification


CCNP Wireless Exams & Recommended Training :

Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey (CUWSS) 642-731

Syllabus :

Prepare for the Site Survey

·  Identifying Site Survey Requirements for Different Vertical Industries.

· Identifying Customer Requirements.

· Identifying various regulatory issues affecting a site survey.

·Identifying Safety and Aesthetic Requirements.

·Understanding Logistical Considerations.


Plan for the Site Survey

·Describe the requirements necessary for planning a site survey

·Determining the Proper Deployment Characteristics

·Specifying the Tools Necessary to Complete a Site Survey

·Defining Site Survey Documentation


Conduct the Site Survey

·Producing a Predictive Site Survey

·Conducing a Layer 1 Site Survey

·Conducting a Layer 2 Site Survey for Data

·Conducting a Layer 2 Site Survey for Voice Applications

·Conducting a Layer 2 Site Survey for Location


Design the RF Network

·Determining the Infrastructure Requirements for the WLAN

·Conducing a Layer 1 Site Survey

·Determining the WLAN Equipment and Licenses


Assessing the Deployment

·Verifying the RF Coverage

·Verifying WLAN Readiness

·Presenting an Installation Report



Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks(IUWVN) 642-741

Syllabus :

Voice over Wireless Architecture

·Describing Traditional Voice Architecture

·Describing Voice as it Applies to the Wireless Network

·  Designing Wireless for Voice

·Identifying and Describing other Design Considerations

·Verifying Voice Readiness


Implement VoWLAN

·Configuring Wireless Client Devices

·Configuring a WLAN for Voice

·Describing Hardware and Software Requirements

·Configuring Infrastructure Devices for End-to-End Voice over Wireless

·Troubleshooting VoWLAN


Implement QoS for Wireless Applications

·Identifying General Considerations for Wired QoS

·Describing Wireless QoS Deployment Scheme      

·Configuring the Controller and Cisco WCS for QoS

·Understanding Current Best Practice Guidelines


Implement Multicast over Wireless

·Understanding General Multicast Concepts

·Describing Implications for Multicast in 802.11

·Configuring Multicast in a Wireless Network

·Troubleshooting Multicast in a Wireless Network


Prepare the Wireless Network for Video and High-Bandwidth Applications

·Implementing QoS for Latency-Sensitive Applications

·Describing Benefits of 802.11n for Video

·Determining Bandwidth Requirements

·Understanding Interconnectivity for Devices on the Wired Side (QoS)



Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services(IUWMS)642-746

Syllabus :

Design WLAN Infrastructure for Mobility

·Understanding and Utilizing Design Recommended Practices

·Understanding Implications of Layer 2 and Layer 3 Roaming

·Designing for High Availability

·Understanding Single SSID Designs with Mobility


Implement Advanced Services and Manage with WCS and WCS Navigator

·Configuring WCS Controller and Access Point Templates

·Configuring WCS for WLC Auto-provisioning

·Implementing WCS Partitioning

·Scheduling Wireless Access using WCS

·Configuring Reports

·Configuring Administrative Tasks

·Monitoring and Troubleshooting Clients

·Monitoring and Converting Autonomous APs using WCS

· Understanding the Roles, Features, and Functions of Cisco WCS Navigaton


Implement Cisco 2700 Series Appliance Location-Based Services

·Understanding Deployment Requirements

·Understanding Applications of RFID, Chokepoint and TDoA

·onfiguring and Tuning the 2700 Series Location Appliance

·Tracking Mobile Clients

·Calibrating RSSI for the Cisco and AeroScout Implementation

·Configuring, Generating, Interpreting Location and Event Notifications

·Describing Location Appliance Maintenance

·Troubleshooting Location-based Services


Implement MSE Architecture

·Describing Mobility Services Architecture

·Loading MSE Application

·Integrating and Managing the MSE with WCS

·Integrating Third-Party Applications

·Troubleshooting MSE


Describe Outdoor Wireless

·Describing Outdoor Mesh

·Describing Wireless Bridging

·Describing Mobile Routing


Advanced Tuning and Troubleshooting

·         Troubleshooting the Access Point Join Process

·Troubleshooting Inter-Controller Communications

·Tuning the RF Environment

·Adjusting Authentication and EAP Timers


Implementing Advanced CiscoUnified WirelessSecurity(IAUWS) 642-736

Syllabus :

Organizational and Regulatory Security Policies

·Describing Regulatory Compliance

·Segmenting Traffic

·Configuring Administrative Security

·Managing WLAN Controller and Cisco WCS Alarms

·Identifying Security Audit Tools


Design and Implement Guest Access Services

·Describing Guest Access Architecture

·Configuring Guest Access Accounts

·Configuring the WLAN to Support Guest Access

·Troubleshooting Guest Access

Secure Client Devices

·Describing the Impact of Security on Application and Roaming

·Configuring EAP Authentication

·Configuring Cisco Secure Services Client

·Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity


Design and Integrate Wireless Network with NAC

·Introducing the NAC Framework

·Describing the NAC Authentication Process Flow

·Configuring the Controller for NAC


 Implement Secure Wireless Connectivity Services

·Configuring Authentication for the WLAN Infrastructure

·Configuring Management Frame Protection

·Configuring Cisco Secure ACS

·Configuring Certificate Services

·Implementing Access Control Lists

·Configuring Identity Based Networking

·Troubleshooting Secure Wireless Connectivity


Integrated Security Features

·Using Controller-Based IDS

·Mitigating Wireless Vulnerabilitie

 Integrate the WLAN with Advanced Security Platforms

·Understanding Cisco?s End-to-End Security Solutions

·Configuring the Firewall to Support the WLAN Controller


 Integrating the WLAN Controller with the IPS or IDS Device

·Configuring the Cisco Secure Agent

·Configuring the Firewall to Support the WLAN Controller

· Integrating the WLAN Controller with the IPS or IDS Device

·Configuring the Cisco Secure Agent



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